Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 Senior of theYear Contest

This week we are starting the 2010 Senior of the Year contest. I am accepting contest entries now until April 10th, with voting starting on April 12th. All you have to is the following:

1. Visit Made in God’s Image Facebook fan page at and become a fan if you have not already.
2. Upload a photo of your 2010 Senior to the page wall and in the description write a few words on why your senior should be Senior of the Year.


1. Allowed only one upload.
2. You must be related to the senior in some way, not just a friend. (i.e. parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.)
3. Entry must reside in the St Lucie, Martin, and Volusia (my home away from home) Counties
4. When voting starts you must vote for one senior other than your own.
5. Voting will last one week from April 12 – April 18

I can’t wait to see all the 2010 Seniors.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Right in Front of Your Eyes

Amberli and Michael have known each other literally their entire lives. In fact, their mothers have been best friends since school and remain so today. So it's exciting for me to be able to photograph such a wonderful relationship. Amberli and Michael are now engaged and plan to marry in May of 2010.

You know, a lot of married couples say, "I married my best friend." But very rarely do they start out as best friends. Our love for each other is what turns us into best friends and the desire to be the best that we can be for our spouses.

Amberli and Michael were such a blessing to spend time with this past weekend. They are so comfortable with each other and very funny. She even let me stick her beauitful engagement ring in the sand while she walked away. They were cracking jokes and didn't complain once about the 30mph wind gusts or all the sand that we seemed to be eating. Despite the wind we had a great time on the beach and were able to get some great photos; how can you not have fun on the beach?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On The Farm

This past weekend I got the priviledge of hanging out with the adorable Brittany and her mom, Stephanie. And, did I mention we were on a farm? LOVE IT!!

Little Miss Brittany was a trooper, not only did we battle Daylight Savings Time, but it was also a little chilly. I was TIRED and it was about 50 degrees out. I know that's not bad for most people but I and Brittany and Stephanie have lived in Florida our whole lives. 50 degrees is chilly, especially when you are tired.

We were able to use an old yellow tractor, which made things fun, plus the tractor came out great in the pictures. We were met by two horses and donkey named "Nate" - which is funny because the owner of the donkey is also named "Nate". The donkey was the most interested in us, in fact he tried to get in a few shots, but he didn't take instruction very well.  

I truly enjoyed photographing both Stephanie and Brittany, they were fun and willing to try anything I asked. Stephanie and Brittany are a beautiful family and Stephanie looks stunning in these photos, especially since the location fits her personality so well. I absolutely loved the location and hope to be able to use more in the future.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Note Cards added to Etsy Store

I have added blank note cards to Made in God's Image's Etsy Store. The cards are now available and come in sets of 8 (envelopes are included). They are 4x5.5"; the perfect size for dropping a short note to someone to let them know you are thinking about them. I love getting emails from friends and family but there is something more special about getting a card in the mail. It lets me know that person was able to set aside some time for just me. 

All photographs on the cards are photos taken by me and inspired by nature. These photos are also available for print to hang in your house.