Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On The Farm

This past weekend I got the priviledge of hanging out with the adorable Brittany and her mom, Stephanie. And, did I mention we were on a farm? LOVE IT!!

Little Miss Brittany was a trooper, not only did we battle Daylight Savings Time, but it was also a little chilly. I was TIRED and it was about 50 degrees out. I know that's not bad for most people but I and Brittany and Stephanie have lived in Florida our whole lives. 50 degrees is chilly, especially when you are tired.

We were able to use an old yellow tractor, which made things fun, plus the tractor came out great in the pictures. We were met by two horses and donkey named "Nate" - which is funny because the owner of the donkey is also named "Nate". The donkey was the most interested in us, in fact he tried to get in a few shots, but he didn't take instruction very well.  

I truly enjoyed photographing both Stephanie and Brittany, they were fun and willing to try anything I asked. Stephanie and Brittany are a beautiful family and Stephanie looks stunning in these photos, especially since the location fits her personality so well. I absolutely loved the location and hope to be able to use more in the future.