Friday, April 9, 2010

If you can see the camera it can see you

For Easter this year I was asked to do a large family photo and to be perfectly honest I was a little nervous. I am always a little nervous when it comes to large groups. When asked to photograph large families I always imagine the worst:

•one or more subjects always seem to be looking away or in different directions
•subjects blinking (there’s always one)

•someone being missing from the photo

•different moods in the group (some smiling, some serious, some playing up to the camera etc)

•the group being too far away or not all fitting into the shot

As I know that sometimes I just can't escape one or all of these happening I have come to learn a great phrase to use during my next large group session; "If you can see the camera it can see you." Maybe I should get a t-shirt made.

I could not have asked for a better family to work with this Easter. Thank you to the entire extended Underwood family for being such great sports and for the little "one on one" time I got with the newest member of the family.