Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh! To Be in High School Again

May is the month for Senior Proms and if you go out to dinner on a Friday night in May you are bound to see a group teenagers dressed to the T on their way to the most anticipated dance of their current lives. This year I have the opportunity to spend this evening with two groups. My first group was not the usual prom photo shoot. There was no multi-colored backdrop, no balloons tied together to make an arch (you know what I'm talking about if you're 30 or over) and no coined poses of the girl and guy. I pray I never have to do one of those :). I was blessed to spend the evening with a group of girls who had gotten it right; go with your friends, leave the dates for another time, and just have fun. And oh the fun we had!

During my time with these five girls I think I laughed the entire time. The session took place on the family farm and we had multiple resources to pull from; tractors, barns, the "General Lee" (you remember Dukes of Hazards), an old rusted out VW Van. And forget the limosine, the girls rode out in style in a Chevy Quad Cab pick up.

Thank you girls for reminding me why I love my job so much, you were awesome and I hope the prom is a memory you can keep for a long time.