Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beauty in Everything

Today as my daughter and I arrived at Collins Park (Park #2 in my park project) all we saw was a small, rectangular, 2 acre piece of land placed between a group of houses. The grounds were not very desirable and had very outdated playground equipment. We had already come this far and my daughter had spotted the swings so there was no way I could just go home or try another park on the list. This was the place my daughter wanted to be. So I assembled my camera anyway and took Sophia to the swings. She chose the yellow one. Sophia loves to swing and it took a lot of coercing to get her down.

I had taken a few photos of the graffiti on the pole and the roots from a near by tree, nothing too satisfying, before she finally decided to take a walk with me to a near by overgrown tropical bush. As we approached this bush I saw that it had some small yellow flowers blooming, they looked very similar to Hibiscus flowers. I may not know what the true name of this flowering bush is, but I have lived in Florida long enough to know that this flower is not of a Hibiscus.

On these flowers were some small red bugs. In most cases bugs are not something that provokes me to take pictures, but they were every where and being so cooperative. I got down as close to these little creatures from God as I could without Sophia freaking out and was able to capture their magnificent red color and white lines down the back. It's amazing the amount of detail that God placed on them and all bugs for that matter knowing that there would be very few people on this Earth that would notice.

It wasn't until I started editing and really looking through the photos I had taken that I was matter where I am and what is built up around me God has created something that is absolutely beautiful just for us even if we have look really close.