Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not What I Was Expecting

I started my St Lucie County park project today. I went online to St Lucie County's Parks and Recreation website and printed out the list of parks. I have even gone as far as to plan my first three weeks of this project. Granted I'm only going to visit one park a week, on Thursdays. But, hey, I'm somewhat organized.

My first park was Casa Caprona Historical Circle in Fort Pierce, FL. I had never heard of this park and the name sounded very interesting. I went expecting a lot of Spanish influence and some historical monuments. Well, what I found was an apartment complex with a Spanish architecture on a historical piece of land. Turns out there used to be a trail that ran between two forts back in the day. This piece of land became a historical land mark in 1926. And, funny, there is an apartment complex on it. I am assuming that this was on my list of parks from the website because of its historical past.

So to say the least I was a little disappointed when I realized that my first park was not going to be a place that I could spend a lot of time at. However, I did find these beautiful, brightly colored fountains in the decor of the complex. I was very drawn to the colors of bright blue and red. I did not post any photos of the complex itself in order to keep the privacy of the tenants.

Despite, my disappointment, I was able to find something absolutely beautiful to me. That's one of things I love about photography...if I see something I like, I can take a picture of it and take it with me. And what interesting place this would be to live. Right on a historical site.