Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nature Girl at Heart

Last week I visited River Place Park as my third park for my project. This project has been a great way for to just spend some time with myself and my surroundings. River Place Park is a park that is located within the Savannas Reserve in Port Saint Lucie, FL. This park is basically a nature trail through the woods that ends at the river, but this has been my most enjoyable park so far.

When I first arrived there were no other cars so I assume I was the only person using the trail. The sign said I could possibly see a number of animals (raccoons, snakes, bobcats, etc.) but unfortunately nothing came to visit. However, if I saw a bobcat I probably would not have taken a picture anyway due to my body being frozen in fear. Despite the lack of animal activity I was able to enjoy all the vegetation that surrounded me throughout the path including a skinny tree stump that when you look down on it long enough it started to resemble the creature from Predator. You know, the movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger is running through the jungle trying to find and kill a very ugly alien. :) 


Another aspect of this trail were the different types of paths I could take to reach the end. I know this may sound a little cliche but they started to remind of the paths we take in our lives. I crossed a small bridge; Is this a path that is helping me avoid a mess or just delaying my inevitable journey through a mess. I noticed very small, overgrown paths that led off the main path; Is this a path that would help me get to my destination quicker, maybe take me on a scenic trip, or is it a path that is just a diversion. I finally reached the end of the trail and was met by the river. Looking down at the planks I thought; Is this a path that it just leading me to go around in circles. 

The dock was my favorite part. I was able to sit on a bench and watch the water. I say just watch the water, because there was not a single animal/bird around. But I truly enjoyed the solitude of being by myself with nature. Maybe next trip I can encounter some wildlife. :)